Revamp your C.O.D.E.

Jagad Nabil Tuah Imanda
2 min readMay 7, 2023

Hello everyone, today I’ll tell you about my mentor fellowship workshop experience. First thing first, what is Mentor Fellowship? Mentor Fellowship is a program by Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa to create mentors that will contribute to the tech sector.

There are two workshops, the first is “Know Your Impact on Others”, and the second is “Revamp your C.O.D.E.” (This is the most interesting workshop IMO).

The first workshop tells about your motivational style, also the speaker tells about their experience in mentoring and leading a team. About the motivational style, I was told that there are 4 types of motivational styles, namely: Carer, Driver, Professional, and Adapter.

The second workshop is the interactive one. The workshop participants are given C.O.D.E Book in the first session and are given a group task in second session.

C.O.D.E Book is a kind of journal to reflect on each aspect of C.O.D.E. Oh right, C.O.D.E stands for Competencies, Operations, Database, and Experience. Competencies is clusters of behaviors or skills you can do to perform for a job or role. Operations is understanding how you operate or what you are, influenced by your values, personality types, or motivational styles. Database is what did you know or the technical or job-specific information you have in your “database”. And the last, Experience is educational or work experience you had done that are relevant and builds your capabilities as a tech mentor.

After filling the C.O.D.E Book, then the workshop participants get separated into groups and are given a group task to create a success profile of a mentor. The group task is to create a success profile of a mentor by filling group members’ success stories, the element of success stories, other factors that can determine success as a mentor, and lastly, the connection between the success profile with C.O.D.E. All groups are given 20 minutes to fill mentor success profile canvas, then the groups will present it to other participants.

Overall, the workshop is fun and interactive! And I also learned many things, especially about C.O.D.E, motivational values, and I get to know others as well.

I think that’s all from me, sorry for my bad writing and bad English (since this is the first time I write in English). Cya!



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