Memorable Feedback


This is a task for #GenerasiGIGIH

My first memorable feedback/advice is when I was younger and I like to blame others for my mistake (for example: when I broke a glass because of my carelessness I blame those who put the glass on that place).

Maybe because my parents can’t hold it anymore with my attitude, my parents then talk to me about my attitude. My parents tell me that if some incident happened, don’t blame others first but instead do something first to solve that problem and act calmly. Don’t ever act rashly because it will get back to you.

After that feedback, I began to change my attitude if an accident happened. If an accident ever happened, what should I do first is how to solve that accident. My parent’s feedback about that changed my life for sure.



Jagad Nabil Tuah Imanda

Software Engineer @ Tokopedia, Interested on Server-Side and Software Infrastructure things.